Adventure Pickers needs you (And your Stories)

Have you ever traveled and accumulated emotions and experiences that are brought to life in beautiful travel stories? Did you ever feel the need to share these stories? The answer is most likely Yes, and if that’s the case, you have come to the right place!

In order for our community to grow we want to hear your experiences. Our core passion is hearing and sharing our fellow traveler’s adventures, so we need you to step up!


Uncle Sam pointing at you saying We Need Your stories



Why should you share your stories? 

  • Your stories and experiences can help benefit the members of our community.
  • Our community can help inspire you in your search for the next adventure. You can so the same for our community.
  • Most importantly, your experiences will be heard and shared by fellow adventures and travelers. Let your inner storyteller take over!


What kind of stories are we looking for?

  • Any kind of trail or trekking stories.
  • Been out camping? We would love to hear camping stories.
  • Are you a photography lover? A good photograph always comes with a story behind it.
  • Have you had a good experience somewhere? It could involve any city you were sightseeing, any hotel you might stayed in, or just plain anything.
  • Good music concerts and Festivals are a constant source of interesting stories.



Passion led us here written on concrete



So if you have come this far, how about going a little further?

Send us your best story (or stories) either by emailing us at: / Or by filling the contact form below.
You can complement your story by sending relevant personal pictures. By doing so you agree to them being used on this site.

* Every writer will be credited for his/hers story unless asked not to.