Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear Reviews for 2017-2018

Hiking represents for us the embodiment of travelling. Nothing clears the mind and eases the soul like hiking. Out on the trail you feel the way the world was meant to be – you, mother nature and your hiking gear. The best thing about hiking is its variety of entry points. You can hike your backyard woods or nearest mountain range, or you can climb the Himalayas.


Hiking gear spread out before going hiking

The benefits of Hiking are obvious. You are surrounded by nature with or without fellow hikers. Its a great workout all around and it’s a proven natural mood lifter. Nothing beats that sense of accomplishment after completing your trail. The best thing of it all, is that hiking is a proven recipe for a good adventure, and oh how we like adventures here at Adventures Pickers.

Our team of experts and contributors worked hard in order to provide professional reviews of the best hiking gear of 2017-2018. Our reviews came from field experience and time spent on trails and treks. Long time players in the outdoor market, our team sincerely believes that you can benefit from our recommendations and hiking gear reviews. Ranging from hiking tents to hiking stoves, you can also find reviews for hiking shoes and socks, hiking pants and more.

Reviews for best Hiking gear 2017-2018: