Camping Gear

Camping Gear

Camping Gear Reviews of 2018

Whether you are wilderness camping, tent camping, car camping or out camping in your back yard you’ll want the best camping gear available.  From planning a solo camping trip or out with your family and friends, having the right camping equipment matters.

Adventure Pickers team and staff does its best to rank and offer the best online reviews for the necessary camping gear for your next camping adventure. Our reviews vary from tents that offer the best element protection to camping stoves.

View from a camping tent - important camping gear.
Having the best camping gear is essential

Since camping is different from backpacking by nature, the gear changes. Weight and size are less of a concern, which allows for more manufacturer creativity. Camping gear gets bigger, spacious, stylish and cool. Best of all, you can allow yourself to become much more picky. Camp cooking can turn into a gourmet meal, Sleeping pads and bag will not shame some beds our team has slept in. If you aren’t carrying it, flaunt it!


Adventure Pickers breaks down the best reviews for you to chose from. We do our best to cover all camping items. If for some reason you feel like something is missing please let us know.

Below are the category reviews for the best camping gear of 2018: