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Backpacking Gear

Backpacking Gear Reviews of 2018

Backpacking and hiking are the corner stones of adventure and travel. It is not an easy task to define a backpacker because they come in different shapes. Some prefer to trek through forests and climb mountains, sleeping at deserted beaches. While some backpackers prefer the comforts of motels, cars and hitchhiking their way from one point to the next. Backpacking gear does change accordingly depending on the type of backpacking trip. Check out Backpacking In a Nutshell” for more details.

Good Backpacking Gear Matters
Good Backpacking Gear Matters

Backpacking has been looked upon as unique and out of the ordinary, socially wise that is. That’s a thing of the past as today it is considered as a rite of passage in western civilization. So much so that it has almost become kind of a mainstream tool for a human being to explore the far corners of the world while exploring one’s own soul. 

If you have never backpacked in your life than consider it as a “better late than never” situation. A two or three nights backpacking trip is an excellent place to start researching for new gear to either buy or loan from friends. Few things to consider while planning are:

  1. The time you have allocated to the trip.
  2. Your fitness level is crucial to determine certain aspects of the trip.
  3. Overall mileage you’re planning on walking.
  4. Elevation – lowest and highest points of the trip. Make sure to mind elevation gain.
  5. Seasonality and weather.
  6. Logistics – For example: Are you planning a loop trail or a point to point route? If it’s a point to pint route you’ll need transportation to your start and finish points. 
  7. Backpacking gear research. 

Planning a backpacking trip? If yes, than you have come to the right place. Since Hiking and Backpacking are among Adventure Pickers favorite outdoor activities, we worked hard to review the best gear out there. Our gear experts are constantly working to find the next best thing, whether its a multi week adventure or a couple of days one. In case you have missed it, you can also check out our Best Hiking Gear Reviews for 2017-2018.

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