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About Us



Do you know that feeling of De Javu? That sensation you get while walking down the street and a sudden smell takes you back to a specific place in time. That sensation that makes you reminisce with a smile, upon that special moment you had while backpacking through the pacific trail? Or perhaps its that time at Delhi’s Main Bazaar when all the colors of India swirled around you? Or maybe its that feeling of utter amazement looking up the Sistine Chapel trying to grasp mankind’s artistic abilities.


We all had these moments and we all wished they could go on and on. Well, they can…
What Adventure Pickers aim to do, is to provide a constant growing community for all fellow adventures, travelers and storytellers to share their stories. If you have a story to tell, this is the place to do it – Among fellow travelers and daydreamers. Adventure Pickers’ community blog is the place where you can pick an adventure and tell a tale.


Adventure Pickers covers two main areas. The first is our community blog for sharing travel and outdoor stories. The second is a comprehensive guide and reviews for the best outdoor, camping, hiking and photography gear of 2017-2018. Our focus is to help our community get the best and most accurate information by providing reviews, articles and interviews. We believe that the joined knowledge of our community and that of our editors and contributors, makes Adventure Pickers the authority when it comes to adventure and the outdoors.

Girl at Holi Festival adventure pickers
Girl at Holi Festival, India 2017



We are an enthusiastic group of professional adventures, avid storytellers, committed athletes, adrenaline oriented reviewers and just your average daily outdoor people.
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Our aspiration is to provide a professional platform for our community to be able to choose the right gear for their next adventure. We offer honest reviews of the best gear available in different categories such as: Camping gear, Outdoor gear, Photography Gear and Backpacking gear. Our TEAM strives to provide objective, fair and unbiased testing and reviews.




With the help of our community. In order for us to continue providing the best online network of quality reviews we need your stories. Contribute by sending us your best stories. It can be whatever comes to mind (no, no story is boring) and we welcome all. Let the storyteller inside you take over and share with us your wonderful experiences.

Send us your stories at: tellastory@adventurepickers.com


community of people sitting by the fire telling stories
Exchanging stories by the fire, Red Rock Canyon, Nevada




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